Sip Smart! BC™

The Sip Smart! BC™ Teacher Resource Guide (TRG) helps teach children from Grades 4 to 6 what they need to know to make healthy drink choices. The full package includes:

  • complete lesson resources (handouts, overheads and assessment tools)
  • 2 colourful posters
  • 16 drink cut-outs with nutrition information on the back
  • teacher backgrounders with relevant nutrition information
  • ideas to extend learning beyond the classroom 
  • class set (30) of information booklets for families

The updated version of Sip Smart! BC™ is now available for free download.

The 2016 version Sip Smart! BC has a new look and:
  • Updated nutrition information
  • Handouts, overheads and other teacher resources needed for each lesson are now located in each lesson
  • The same great activities to help your students make healthy drink choices!
  • Activities fit well with the new Curriculum Supports Map Spreadsheet: Physical and Health Education (PHE)

One complete set has been mailed to all BC schools with Grade 4–6.

The Sip Smart! BC™ update is a partnership between the BC Pediatric Society and the B.C. Government.

Here is what teachers and students are saying about Sip Smart! BC™:

Great program. The kids really seemed to be learning and engaged in the activities. (Teacher)

Hey. I’m a student. wanted to know about sip smart b.c. program in detail because i’m preparing an assignment on this topic. Please help me by giving the details of reasons for launching this strategy. this information will be very useful for me. (Student)

The SipSmart program is one of the best HACE programs that has been offered…the lessons and overhads are exactly what a teacher needs and there really aren’t any other teaching materials that a teacher needs to effectivley teach the course—just hands on materials such as drink containers etc. (Teacher)

We got to participate in activities and not just sit around listening. (Student)

...All the shortcuts companies take and different words they use instead of sugar such as glucose, fructose. (Student)


Student reading label on a drink
Student reading label on a drink

Sugar Sweetened Beverage poster
Colourful poster showing amount of sugar in various drinks

Slushy with nutrient information
Sample laminated drink cut-out with nutrition information on the back

Making it Happen: Healthy Eating at School
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