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School Food Gardens—Benefits to Students

There is growing interest around the world for using gardens as a hands-on learning opportunity that can be integrated into a wide range of subject areas. Studies of food-producing gardens in schools cite the following benefits for children:

  • An increased willingness to taste and like new vegetables, and an increase in fruit and vegetable intake (1–6)
  • Reinforcement of nutrition lessons in the class (2)
  • Improved academic performance (7–8)
  • A hands-on approach to learning about sustainability, ecology and math (8–10, 12)
  • An opportunity for light to moderate physical activity (especially for those who are less physically active) (11)
  • Increased self-understanding (includes self-esteem) and self-efficacy, improved life-skills, improved teamwork and relationships with others and a sense of empowerment (13–15)


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Leidy says:

October 28, 2016

HSC’s work to transform school food focuses on policy change at the national, state and local levels. Because the program is shaped significantly at each level of policy, we need alignment on all three levels to achieve the goal of fresh, healthy meals for every student.

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