• Nutrition Education Program Providers

    Are you looking for teaching resources? Check these great nutrition education programs.

  • BC Dairy Association Mini Food Grants

    Would you like to use food in your classroom to inspire your students to be healthier eaters? If you've taken a BC Dairy workshop, enhance your teaching – apply for a mini food grant! If you haven’t taken a workshop with one of BC Dairy’s nutrition educators, book one now (email nutrition@bcdairy.ca). The BC Dairy programs encourage experiential learning and provide many excellent ideas!

  • School Year Gardens

    Check out this toolkit for high schools to grow foods from September to June.

  • Gardening in the north

    Gardening in the north of BC? Connect with other northern gardeners and editor Diana Roberts of Burns Lake, BC through this weekly online newsletter.

  • Spuds in Tubs

    If you are daunted by the idea of working with an in-ground school gardens, start off with this simple idea from BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation: Spuds in Tubs—Potato Tub Gardens for Schools.

  • Get Growing

    Get Growing! Activities For Food And Garden Learning - A Teacher Resource For Elementary and Middle Grades is written for teachers who are interested in gardening with their students at school or in the community.

  • Garden Learning Outcomes K–7

    Find out how the various activities you can do in a garden and fit with the Prescribed Leaning Outcomes from the BC Ministry of Education. From Lifecycles and Evergreen.

  • Environmental Learning & Experience Curriculum Maps

    Check out the Curriculum maps that connect learning outcomes across K-12 curricula with elements of the Environmental Learning and Experience Guide.

  • Home economics class explores what they can prepare from food grown close to home

    Watch a video clip showing how a home economics class at Spencer Middle School in Victoria explores what they can prepare from food growing within a 100 mile radius of their school.

  • Turning the Earth: A month-by-month guide to your school garden

    Two Vancouver teachers created a collection of activities that use the school garden as a place to draw, sit and listen, enjoy a story read in open air, write poetry, be outdoors in a quiet peaceful place that is their own, as well as following specific lessons that reach the objectives of the science curriculum. Available for $25.00 by sending a certified check to Susanne Cruikshank, 1262 Shorepine Walk, Vancouver, BC, V6H 3T8.

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