Healthy Eating After School

The YMCA in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health created the Healthy Eating After School resource, designed to help after school care programs provide an environment where children learn about preparing and eating healthy food. Healthy Eating After School is not a set curriculum, but rather a resource that guides after school care providers towards implementing healthy eating guidelines that best fits the needs of their programs. The manual includes a variety of resources and cooking sessions designed especially for kids. 

Manuals and resource bins (filled with supplies to help implement the cooking sessions) are stationed at various CCRR locations throughout the province. 

For more information and to locate the manual and bin nearest you, contact heas@gv.ymca.ca.

An e-course has been designed to help care providers learn about this initiative, and help implement it in their programs. It provides 6 hours of continuing education credits. To learn more, please visit YMCA Healthy Eating After School.

Watch a video to get inspired to cook in your after school program.

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Making it Happen: Healthy Eating at School
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