• Spuds in Tubs

    If you are daunted by the idea of working with an in-ground school gardens, start off with this simple idea from BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation: Spuds in Tubs—Potato Tub Gardens for Schools.

  • Farm to School BC

    Farm to School BC aims to connect schools with local produce, whether it's from a schoolyard farm, a caterer who sources food from a local farm, a farm that supplies a school salad bar or a farm that supplies a hot lunch program.

  • Get Growing

    Get Growing! Activities For Food And Garden Learning - A Teacher Resource For Elementary and Middle Grades is written for teachers who are interested in gardening with their students at school or in the community.

  • Play First Lunch Toolkit

    “Play First Lunch” is a change in the traditional scheduling order of lunchtime and playtime. As the name implies, students go out to play first and then eat lunch. This toolkit is designed to assist schools in initiating a “Play First Lunch” schedule.

  • Garden Learning Outcomes K–7

    Find out how the various activities you can do in a garden and fit with the Prescribed Leaning Outcomes from the BC Ministry of Education. From Lifecycles and Evergreen.

  • Environmental Learning & Experience Curriculum Maps

    Check out the Curriculum maps that connect learning outcomes across K-12 curricula with elements of the Environmental Learning and Experience Guide.

  • Home economics class explores what they can prepare from food grown close to home

    Watch a video clip showing how a home economics class at Spencer Middle School in Victoria explores what they can prepare from food growing within a 100 mile radius of their school.

  • Turning the Earth: A month-by-month guide to your school garden

    Two Vancouver teachers created a collection of activities that use the school garden as a place to draw, sit and listen, enjoy a story read in open air, write poetry, be outdoors in a quiet peaceful place that is their own, as well as following specific lessons that reach the objectives of the science curriculum. Available for $25.00 by sending a certified check to Susanne Cruikshank, 1262 Shorepine Walk, Vancouver, BC, V6H 3T8.

  • Bean Keepers

    There are more than 2,000 types of beans being grown in Canada and yet the majority of these are rare and at risk of disappearing altogether. Imagine your school being one of a network of 2,000 in Canada growing and caring for one type of bean each! Join this innovative project and check out the resources connected with this programs

  • Growing Food Gardens How to Guide

    The Vancouver Board of Education—Growing Food Gardens How to Guide is a step-by-step guide for schools on how to develop a successful food garden project.

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