Healthy Eating At School is an initiative aimed at encouraging healthy eating at school. It is a partnership between BC Dairy Association, BC Ministry of Health and Knowledge: (formerly Knowledge Network). It is designed to be THE ONE-STOP SHOP where school communities can find all the resources they need to implement nutrition policy at school.

How it works

Healthy Eating At School is designed to inspire and enable school communities in BC to take action on school nutrition policy and practices. It uses a comprehensive school health model to address issues such as healthy fundraising, the school environment, nutrition education, food at school, community partners and school nutrition policy. It is a solution-oriented resource that acknowledges the challenges but encourages the school community to make changes and build those changes into policies that will last and create a sustainable legacy for years to come.


Healthy Eating at School was initially launched as Making it Happen: Healthy Eating At School in January 2005. Since then, it underwent a series of updates and revisions. A second version was launched in April 2006. Since then, some schools have been successful at making changes in school nutrition, specifically in the fundraising area. Since the Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools became provincial policy, school nutrition has become a priority for all schools. As a result, a third version, now called Healthy Eating At School, was developed and launched in September 2008. Its goal is to be THE one-stop shop where schools, families and community partners can find all the resources and tools they need to implement nutrition policy at school. Success stories are also featured to show that change is possible and can happen.

Healthy Eating at School grew out of a series of provincial meetings, funded by the BC Ministry of Health, and organized and hosted by the BC Dairy Association, to determine how we could collectively move school nutrition forward in BC. These meetings occurred in 2003 and 2004 and laid the groundwork for the development of Healthy Eating At School. These meetings involved trustees, school administrators, parents, food service personnel, public health nurses, community nutritionists and key provincial representatives from the Ministries of Education and Health and the provincial physical activity initiative, Action Schools! BC. Out of these meetings, specific needs were identified:

  • a ‘toolbox’ of resources to help school communities take action.
  • the need to get‘buy-in’ from the whole school community in order for change to occur.
  • the need to tackle the issues from a comprehensive prospective.

An advisory committee of community partners was created and involved at key stages of development. The committee included community nutritionists and members of the Directorate of Agencies for School Health, along with representatives from Dietitians of Canada for the BC region.

Making it Happen: Healthy Eating at School
Presented by the BC Dairy Association, the Ministry of Health, and Knowledge Network
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