Success Stories

  • School Garden Success Story: Queen Mary Elementary, North Vancouver

    Queen Mary's school food garden is part of a nearby community garden. The school plots are managed by the Edible Garden Project who, in partnership with a local restaurant, run Fed Up. Fed Up is the program that connects gardening and healthy eating. Find out more about this unique set of partnerships in this success story.

  • School Garden Success Story: Blue Mountain Elementary, Maple Ridge

    Blue Mountain Elementary's school garden got its start with a series of grants. Now each classroom has 2 beds for growing. The school practices "Seed to Plate" so that children study growth from preparing the beds, to harvesting, to cooking and eating the delicious garden produce. Read more about how this school got their garden started.

  • School Garden Success Story: Douglas Park Community School, Langley

    A partnership between Douglas Park Community School and Kwantlen College gives college students the opportunity to nurture young gardeners. As Kwantlen instructor PJ Burns says, "Children crave a place where they can create or better still, re-create their connection to the natural world..." Find out more about this special partnership in this success story.

  • Rossland Secondary Sees Healthy Vending Profits

    Rossland Secondary School’s healthy choices vending machines were making very little profit compared to pre-"Healthy Schools" levels. Vice Principal Mike Vanness believed profits should remain high with the healthy choices.

  • Oatmeal Breakfast Program

    Find out how oatmeal became a popular and affordable item with students on a breakfast program in Prince George.

  • Secondary Schools Share their Healthy Living Stories with 2010 Legacies Now

    Learn how BC secondary schools are finding exciting ways to offer and promote healthier food choices, and encourage healthy living practices amongst students.

  • New PAC Lunch Program generates same revenues

    Find out how the PAC lunch program at Dorothy Lynas Elementary in School District 44 was able to generate the same amount of funds using the new School Guidelines despite higher food costs.

  • Snack Table Tuesday

    Pinewood Elementary in Cranbrook (School District 5) successfully switches snack table from mized treats to fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit and healthy foods.

  • Sentinel Spartans Rugby Club Sells Fruit Kabobs to Raise Funds

    Sentinel Spartans Rugby Club raise funds for their team by selling fruit kabobs and other healthy foods instead of doughnuts.

  • Ecole Chalmers Elementary Promotes Healthy Lunch Guidelines

    This success story from Ecole Chalmers Elementary in School District 37 shows the successful implementation of Healthy Lunch Guidelines.

Making it Happen: Healthy Eating at School
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