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School Garden Success Stories

Starting a school garden or looking for ways to improve your existing one? Check out some of these great success stories. Some schools garden in recycled car tires, others in wading pools, raised beds, greenhouses or neighbouring community gardens. Read about how schools have funded their garden projects, problem solved and increased community involvement using various strategies.

Blue Mountain Elementary, Maple Ridge
Contact: Linda Dyck
P. 604.463.6414
E. linda_dyck@sd42.bc.ca
W. http://schools.sd42.ca/bm/about-blue-mountain/
Click HERE to read Blue Mountain’s success story 

North Peace Secondary School, Fort St. John
Contact: Sheri Dressler
Secondary School Apprenticeship Coordinator
P. 250.785.4429
E. sdressler@prn.bc.ca
Click HERE to read North Peace Secondary School’s success story

Queen Mary Elementary, North Vancouver
Contact: Heather Johnstone Edible Garden Project Coordinator
P. 604.987.8138 X. 209
F. 604.987.2107
E. coordinator@ediblegardenproject.com
E. queenmarygarden@gmail.com
W. www.ediblegardenproject.com
Click HERE to read Queen Mary’s success story 

Robert Ogilvie Elementary, Fort St. John
Click HERE to what their tire garden looks like.

Sen’Pok’Chin Independent School, Oliver
Contact: Heather Kelliher
P. 250.498.2019
E. principal@senpokchin.com
Click HERE to read Sen’Pok’Chin’s success story 

Terra Nova School Gardens, Richmond
This garden, on City of Richmond land, includes 4 elementary schools as well as the community.
Contact: Ian Lai
Urban Agriculture Consulting Inc.
Suite 11 - 3711 Robson Court
Richmond, BC V7C 5T8
P. 604.767.9264
E. ianlai@telus.net
Click HERE to read Terra Nova School Garden’s success story 

Windermere High School, Vancouver
Blog: http://windermerehighschool.wordpress.com/
Click HERE to read Windermere High School’s success story

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