Take Action

  • School Food Gardens—Challenges, barriers and how to overcome them

    Challenges such as what to do with a school garden during the summer months and how to prevent vandalism are common to most schools. Don't let these situations prevent you from gardening! Find out how schools in BC manage these situations and keep up the enthusiasm for school gardens.

  • Play First Lunch Toolkit

    “Play First Lunch” is a change in the traditional scheduling order of lunchtime and playtime. As the name implies, students go out to play first and then eat lunch. This toolkit is designed to assist schools in initiating a “Play First Lunch” schedule.

  • Take Action on FOOD AT SCHOOL

    Check these ideas for making the healthy choice the easy choice and developing an environment that supports nutrition.

  • Take Action on FUNDRAISING

    Interested in working some health-conscious strategies into your school’s vending and fundraising programs? Check out these easy ideas for action.

  • Take Action: PARENTS

    Healthy meals ensure your child has enough energy to learn. Find out how you can ensure your children eat well, feel great and achieve their potential at school.

  • Rose Soneff, Community Nutritionist, On Introducing New Products

    Most vending companies will have healthier products. It's up to us to provide those choices to students.

  • Take Action: STUDENTS

    It’s not easy to eat well when junk food is your only choice. Urge your school to provide healthy options.

  • Take Action: TEACHERS

    Students perform better when they eat well. Help them make healthy eating choices at school and at home.

  • Take Action on HEALTHY EATING

    Interested in fostering a school environment that supports good nutritional habits? Check out these easy ideas for action.


    Work together with staff, school trustees and parents to facilitate the development of a shared vision.

Making it Happen: Healthy Eating at School
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